A new year !

It has been about a month since I revisited this blog of mine. How do people have the time to keep their blogs up to date?! My next longer blog entry will be on the topic of gay marriage. Thank you to Gideon for asking these questions to get my thinking juices flowing :

“What are your thoughts about marriage (specifically gay marriage) and the right of the state to determine its definition? Should the gay community be seeking out simply the rights allotted with marriage rather than the title itself?- or – should the title be “expanded” to include same-sex couples?”

I will spend a lot of time focusing on how marriage has been defined and the role government and religion play in that definition. With access to my University Library…I have so many articles and sources … it is sick but I am going to have fun with this one!   😉

As for what life has been like in 2010 ~ Best month of the year so far!

-New block of classes:

I am carrying a 3.92 right now and I must admit, this school thing has been easier than I thought it would be. One of my classes in this 9-week block is challenging ~ Business 220 ~ funny, being ‘in business’ for over 20 years you would think I have a friggin’ clue about things like: Supply and Demand, Limited Liability Companies…

-My back :

Most of you already know, I have been plagued with daily back pain for years now. Well, the pain has been gone for the entire year of 2010!! (37 days to be exact): My record for painless existence is about a week, so this 37 day streak blows that old record out of the water!

-Pet insurance:

Tracy and I decided to sign the dogs up for pet insurance. Max has issues with regurgitation and with that comes aspiration pneumonia.

We are trying to figure out how to manipulate the system so it isn’t seen as a “pre-existing condition”. Max’s issues have gone on for a few years and have recently been exacerbated with the pneumonia.


Both of my jobs are fine. I enjoy having the flexibility that two jobs offer for completing schoolwork ~ but I do see a change coming in 2010. One job I am on my feet for up to 8 hours, which with back problems, can be … well a pain in the back!

A few questions to ponder:

-Is the chair you are sitting on really there or just a perceived item that suits your current condition?

-Is anyone sick of hearing about the miracle on the Hudson? It has been a year now and the media is still using that catchy word “miracle” and sully is still saying that he just did his job.

-Will American Idol be the same next year with Simon Cowell leaving?


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